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Our aim at WhiskyClassified.com is to classify and catalogue the whiskies and cigars of the Port Ellen 12 Year Old Queen's Visit to Distillery in 1980 Single Maltworld. Now this is no small endeavour we grant you, but lets face it, if a jobs worth doing why not make it a big one. Clearly we’ve been drinking too much whisky!

With the job of classification in mind we’ve created for you an environment and website where you can find and discuss whisky and cigars.

Across the site you will find there are sections where you yourself can comment about whisky and read what others have written. Don’t be shy, pitch in wherever you want.

Where possible we aim to bring you important information such as average pricing, ageing, quality, invest-ability and interesting points from the whisky world.

We hope you enjoy the website and look forward to your involvement.

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