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Glenlivet 70 1940 Speyside Whisky Tear Decanter 2nd Edition

Set in a perfect teardrop shape, this 70-year-old offering from Glenlivet may just inspire a few joyous tears of its own.

Macallan 57 Year Old Speyside Whisky Lalique Crystal

At 57 years old, this is the oldest single malt in the Lalique range and is representative of the classic partnership between the distillery and the French crystal company.

Single Malt Ardmore 1994 / 12 Year Old Speyside Whisky

While Ardmore remains one of Speyside's most underrated distilleries despite its production levels, this single malt does not disappoint.

Dalmore Whisky Selene Single Malt 1951 58 Year Old Highland Scotch

With just 30 decanters ever produced of this beautifully crafted single malt, it may as well be bottled moonbeams, fashioned from the goddess it was named for.

Whisky Classified The 10th Anniversary Edition by David Wishart

This fantastic book takes the reader through the world of whisky flavours using a unique style of classification system. Using this process of analysis each whisky is broken into distilleries and

Aberlour-Glenlivet 1980's Speyside Whisky 12 Year Old Bottle

At a modest 40 per cent abv, this single malt is an easy pour for newcomers to whisky but nevertheless remains enjoyable for more seasoned veterans.

Ardbeg 1976 Manager's Choice Cask 2391 Sherry Cask Islay Whisky

From 1976 this Ardbeg 'Manager's Choice' comes from a single sherry cask. It was chosen by Stuart Thomson and bought to market in 1999. The whisky was received with enthusiasm at that time. In many

Macallan 1966 Single Malt 35 Year Old Speyside Scotch Whisky

Part of the "Fine & Rare" series by Macallan, this is a fine offering in the range that showcases the distillery's esteemed heritage.