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New Whisky Articles

With the desire for learning more about whisky running deep we’ve brought together a new series of articles analysing in some detail a number of peoples favourite whiskies currently on the market.

The Most Expensive Cognacs

The most expensive cognacs offer rich flavor and tremendous aesthetic value. According to Wine X Magazine, the beverage came into vogue with American audiences during the 90s cigar craze and continues to retain its popularity. With reports of one bottle selling for $1,500, many people wonder what creates a quality cognac.

Whisky 1967

When it comes to vintage whisky from 1967, there’s a quaint view of misty mountains, clear streams and people enjoying a dram or two of their favorite drink that’s old enough to be on its own. In fact, a whisky produced in 1967 would be 46 years old in 2013. A whiskey that old may be from the famed Speyside region or Scotland or have a brand name like Glenfiddich or Balvenie

Cooking with Cognac

Cognac is a popular alcoholic beverage that many enjoy drinking for its dry yet robust flavor, but it also can be used in many recipes as a cooking ingredient. It can be used as a flavorful ingredient, a base ingredient for a soup and much more. With a closer look at what cognac is and how it can be used as a special ingredient in many recipes, you may decide that you want to start cooking with cognac today.

Cognac or Brandy

A wonderful meal has ended and it is time to choose the perfect dessert drink with which to complete the evening. Two of the most obvious options are Cognac and Brandy; the wise and discriminating consumer will select Cognac.