Laphroaig Whisky

Laphroaig 1974 Islay Whisky 31 Year Old Sherry CaskLaphroaig whisky has been a well known premium drink among whisky drinkers and aficionados for centuries. While the drink has been enjoyed by many, not everyone knows where it came from. In fact, Laphroaig is a brand name for a family of whiskies and malts, all famous for their taste and age.

An Early Start

In 1810 Donald and Alexander Johnston formally established their distillery where Laphroaig malts would be made. The business owned by the two brothers started as a family farm on the southern part of Islay, Scotland, which contributed to the taste of its malts. Because of the moss content in the local peat, Laphroaig’s malt whiskies then began to be sold with a taste that couldn’t be created anywhere else, even among the other whiskies produced by other distilleries on Islay.

It was almost 40 years later that the company was finally owned by someone outside of the Johnston relatives. The end happened rather suddenly as one of the two original owners, Donald Johnston, accidentally fell in and was boiled to death in a giant kettle of hot ale. Fortunately, a neighbor well experienced in running a distillery stepped in to help the operation until a new Johnston member, Dugald, was ready to take the reins ten years later.

Body and Taste

Today, Laphroiag stands tall as the single top-selling malt whisky versus any other competition worldwide. In fact, just in the last ten years, the company has managed to increase its sales by 50 percent due to the quality of the drink and its name. Islay has a number of whiskies that come from the same region, but Laphroiag continues to be the top name of the group, especially with its 10-year-old single malt.

For those who have had the pleasure of drinking Laphroaig the smoky peat taste will definitely come through, but so will the taste of the sea as well with a bit of a brine. Many have noted that vanilla and seaweed also are present in the taste. However, those are not the prime qualities of Laphroaig, at least in terms of its marketing message. Instead, the drink is often described as a full body and mouth-warming single malt whisky drink.

In Summary

Whisky aficionados often enjoy Laphroaig 10 after a good warm meal as well as in the company of each other or family and friends who need some education in what fine whisky actually tastes like. Whether it be just sitting in a soft chair with a deep glass or marveling at the combined taste of the whisky with a good Cuban cigar, Laphroaig is definitely a liquid treasure to be experienced slowly. In fact, the malt is so pleasing, it’s often shared as a major gift between serious friends and business contacts wanting to make a personal impression.

Even as a personal enjoyment and pleasure on a cold night in front of a warm fire, Laphroaig fits the bill as the perfect scotch for an after-dinner pleasure.

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